Why no one cares about your products?

harsh right?

I tell my clients that if you want someone to give a dime about your product you have to care about them too! Do not just hard-sell them your product. People find ads that pop up in front of their faces annoying, they don’t care anymore what you sell, they’ll close the popup and exit the program without thinking for a second to consider buying your product.

Let’s face it, technology is great and it made it easy to connect with customers and get in touch with your main segment in a smooth way that never existed before. However, it is made easy for everyone, not just you. There are millions of product/service ads that are displayed every single minute in front of you in the street, on your phone, on TV or Radio. So what makes you special? Why should I download your app or memorize your website URL while I am driving to check later?

As a customer, what is so special about your product or service that makes it worth my time and makes me believe that this advert is not only another way for you to make money like everyone else?

Marketing for a startup can be hard and overwhelming. This is why we are here to tell you how to prioritize your efforts and organize your marketing agenda.

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