The 7 most important things that are badly affecting your sales

Some call it ZMOT which is a short for “Zero Moment Of Truth”; it is the first impression the visitor gets from your website and it will determine if he is going to continue browsing or quickly bounce out and never come back!
Here are some of the most important things the customer look for, arranged according to the customer journey and type of your business.

In this article we are covering 7 fatal mistakes that will be affecting your sales negatively if you have it in your website.

  1. Colors and its affect on sales

    Well, this is the first impression the customer sees when he lands on your website, either from a mobile or a laptop, he can either find your colors comfortable and continue to seek whatever that is he was looking for or he will be annoyed and bounced immediately. Do not take design lightly, when it comes to business, imagine if you are opening a store and adding a crabby decoration just to get the business running. Well, na-aah, think again if your business will ever “run”!
  2. Dialogue

    The language of how you are speaking to the customer matters, are you bossy and arrogant or nice and helpful? remember, he cannot see you face to face explaining your product or service, so how are you going to explain that to a blind-ish person? Whatever your business is, make sure to explain everything you do and make sure to talk to the customer respectfully, at the end of the day, they are there because they are interested! so make it count.
  3. Performance, User Experience UX, technology, technology, and oh, yes, technology!

    We don’t have patience anymore, right? in this crazy era we live in, you have to get a killer performance for your website in order to attract the customer to stay long enough to make a purchase. Website load speed is recommended to be 3 seconds! If you think 3 seconds is long, you will be way behind the competition.
  4. Consistency

    Sending the same message across all pages meaning that you are focused and organized, that you are interested to get the customer’s loyalty and it gets him assured of the unity of the business. If you walk-in to a store and hear different offer or different tone from each employee, you will probably won’t end up buying anything because there’s nothing solid with these people! This is called integrated marketing which is a big deal in the strategic planning for the business, and it is the responsibility of the top management.
  5. Keep your sales game updated

    Well, there is no science to behind this point, it is something that personally annoys me, a lot! If we are in 2020 now, why your website still has 2019 in the bottom of every page? or even at the bottom of “some” pages? if this is a big hassle for you, just remove the dates, or do as I read once on a website, and put a future date! It is hopeful that you intend to stay around and serve your customers long enough with no fear of business commitments! 🙂
  6. Sales Prices

    If the customer reaches this point, it means he likes you, note that all the above happens in a less than a minute time, which is why you should focus on the above really well pre-launch, while focus on marketing (price included of course) and customer service after that. There is a lot to say in pricing. But if your customers is checking, congrats! you’ve passed the ZMOT!
  7. Social Proof

    What if you price is high? customers will check reviews or social authentication to make a purchase, especially if online, moreover, if there is a payment online and they cannot pay upon delivery.
    Social proof does NOT mean how many followers you have, it rather means how many customer is ready to speak good of you and willingly talking about how awesome your products are or how your service benefited them.

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