5 Facebook page features any marketing should activate

Facebook Business Manager came to life and saved a lot of our time and energy as marketers who manage a few pages for different businesses.

Facebook Business Manager connected to the fan page and Instagram page and with a working pixels is everything a marketer would want to get going on his creative journey.

Here are some trivial free features, some of them are brand new, that you should know and activate in order to get more organic leads and hopefully more conversions to sales of your products or services.

1. Tagging on Facebook page 

This feature should be ON for your Facebook marketing advantage, assuming you post are super funny, super weird or super attractive photos, this will help enthused followers to tag their friends and families to check your photos, if you have an impressive page and you are consistently working on your branding, it will eventually pay off organic customers!

2. Post in Multiple Languages

If you have a possible Second (or Third) language in your targeted geographical area, it is recommended to allow your diversified demographics to understand what you’re posting, if you have a unique product or service, language won’t be an issue for you any more for your Facebook marketing!

3. Similar Page Suggestions on Facebook

If you want to show your page organically to people who like your competitors’ pages, you have to accept the opposite. It won’t hurt to accept a fair rivalry and it’s free! Don’t forget to use attractive profile and cover photos to attract people, first impression matters the most here.

4. Messenger Platform Features

Facebook has improved his messaging feature for businesses to ease their customer service job, starting by opening the messaging window automatically when the user visit the page, advertising through messaging and now you can make an ad with a link to the private chat to encourage your potential customers to contact you (e.g. m.me/yourpageurl) or activate the subscription feature and allow your customers to receive updates from you. Finally you can connect your website to your Facebook page and allow your customers to ask questions in website chat and continue the conversation in their Facebook messenger!

5. Content Variations

Posting rich, engaging and quality content are why you created your page in the first place, this feature should be number 1 (it is number one and only for some famous pages). Facebook allows you to engage with your customers using videos, live videos, video play-lists. It allows you a calendar to add all yearlong celebrations to show your followers that you remember them and that you care.

Best Practices for adding content is to be brief, funny (if you’re comedy related page), helpful, know what you’re talking about, engaging and close to your audience and always can exceed their expectation.

If you have any more Facebook features that you think should be added here, contact me to add them or add them in a comment below.

Happy Marketing!

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