Email Marketing- Why and How to Do It When You Have Zero Experience

We live in a world where social media dictates every aspect of our lives. In all of this, you may feel as if email marketing has become an obsolete trend and can no longer work wonders for your business. 

In truth, you could not be more mistaken. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others might feel as if they can bring you larger audiences, but emails help you reach audiences better.

With email marketing, you have the opportunity to target the exact audience in a personalized way. Emails are one of the most affordable ways to increase your sales and give your business access to targeted customers.

Why Email Marketing is Important

The current estimate of worldwide email users is 2.5 billion and steadily advancing to a 2.8 billion mark. A billion estimates are enough to convince organizations, both big and small, that sending emails is not a waste of time. 

You may have perceived the notion that emails are obsolete now, perhaps because of your personal experiences. On an individual note, we each find it tiresome to sift, archive, mark as spam, swipe left, delete junk, etc. But consider the companies we are eager to receive an email from, and whose products we enjoy, we will counteract our previous belief. 

You see, there are individual emails we welcome with delight in our inbox and actively engage with. This is the singular rule that translates to all the customers around the world. They welcome emails from companies whose products they enjoy and need and seek active interaction with. 

Email Marketing tutorial for beginners

Reasons for Using Email Marketing for your Business

  • Helps Maintain Consistent Contact with Customers

Consistent contact is essential for strengthening your relationship with the customers. People tend to check their emails when convenient, during their commute, or when sipping their coffee in the mornings.

A pop-up from your company saying, “Hi, we’ve been thinking of you, and here is a special offer from us,” ultimately wins customers over. They will get the feeling of how much your brand values them.

You could also send emails sharing updates of what’s been going on at your company in recent weeks. This will engage your customers with incredible products and services or will refer friends to subscribe to your emails. 

  • Email helps you Unify All Your Marketing 

Email is where the crux of all your marketing campaigns and efforts lie. You see, an email can be the epicenter of all the marketing action happening at your end: a place where you can appraise your valued customers of ALL that you are offering them. 

Here is a breakdown of what and how much your company can promote through a single email:

  • The informative content you have on your blogs
  • The social media contests you are launching 
  • Sending product-related emails and following up with a retargeted ad

These are just a few examples. No matter what marketing efforts you put in, emails can be the center of it all. 

  • Real-Time Customer Access

Again, statistics tell us that approximately 54% of individuals access their emails on their phones. It would be best if you considered this vital fact in your marketing strategy. With emails, you give a higher number of instant access to your products and services and valuable information. 

It is not difficult for anyone to estimate the high conversion rate of emails to mobiles. Compared to any other medium, a single email you create strategically and perfectly will convert the most on mobiles than any other medium. 

  • Emails Live Longer

Social media posts have a maximum lifespan of eighteen minutes, after which your company’s name loses itself in the news feeds. What happens to your connection with the customers then?  That, too, disappears shortly.

Emails are different. They draw your customers’ complete attention and gain a prominent Place in an inbox until the customer needs to reference them. 

Effective email Marketing campaigns

  • Personalized Approach

Like every other aspect of technology, emails, too, have seen incredible advancements. Marketers can personalize their email messages, more beyond than merely adding the subscriber’s name in the subject.

Marketers can now draft tailored messages, segment emails, design content to suit customers’ preferences, and incorporate more personal fields such as locations and job titles. This personalized marketing is crucial for your business because it increases your new and existing customers’ happiness and satisfaction levels. 

You may consider sending relevant messages as the ultimate benchmark for your business. 

  • Email Marketing Allows Easy Measurement

As we mentioned, emails have advanced over the years too. Now you can track what happens after you have initiated your email marketing campaign. This is helpful for your business because it helps you track unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, etc. 

With such helpful stats, you find it easier to identify successful email campaigns, which ones you need to tweak, and which to let go of. The metrics strengthen and improve your marketing game on the whole. 

  • Emails are Budget-Friendly

Emails are advantageous in every other way, the best feature is that they are the most cost-efficient. Every message you send is less than pennies for your business. If all the companies realized what low conversion possibility there is with email marketing, they’d all engage more actively in it. 

All of these are only a few highlights of just how essential emails are for businesses. If you conduct more thorough and detailed research, you will discover several more ways in which your business will benefit from an email marketing campaign.

Many of you reading this might already be convinced of the powers of emails but may be wondering how to start with it having 0 experience. Below, we’ll discuss ways of starting an email marketing campaign for you from scratch.

Your Guide to Email Marketing with Zero Experience

Without further ado, let’s get started on building our email marketing campaign together.

  • Define Your Target

The secret behind every successful organization is crystal goals. When you are sure of your purpose, your mission, your objectives, the rest of your efforts are productive and worthwhile. 

Before you begin sending out emails, you must clearly outline your objectives behind the email marketing campaign. Your objectives and goals will help you identify your target audience and the type of emails you create.

Perhaps your company wants to:

  • Use emails to support your content marketing strategy. For this, the emails will help generate more page views of your latest articles.
  • Use email to drive sales. You may be a discount retailer with a mission to sell huge volumes of products. Emails could be a robust tool in your marketing arsenal here.
  • Gain leads, develop, nurture, and inspire them for your start-up through emails. The emails will be your means of being visible to your potential customers. This way, when they are ready to start purchasing, your brand will be the first to pop into their minds. 
  • Make your customers feel that they are the backbone of your mission and innovation by regularly including them in business operations. 

Above everything else, remember to stick to only the BIG IDEA, the main objective, the main target in your email. Do not flood your message with a hundred different things-this is where your readers will lose interest instantly. For your email marketing to be successful, you must only talk about your MAIN IDEA in the email. 

  • Be on Your Best Behavior

Entering someone’s inbox is like entering someone’s home: you have to be on your best behavior. You see, people feel inundated with advertisements, pitches, interruptions, and what not daily. They are already mostly irritated by pestering marketers, and you do not want to agitate them further.

So when you are entering their inbox as a guest, remember to win them over with your impeccable manners and amicability. 

  • Seek Permission

You must never begin your email campaigning without seeking the customer’s permission. But how can you focus on creating a sizeable mailing list?

Many businesses offer free goodies to potential customers, while others offer regular product updates or newsletters. Now, you can decide the incentive as suited to your business scale and operations. However, it is imperative to have a set purpose when asking for an address.

Use the full potential of a call-to-action here, employing the power of copywriting. Create content that will show your credibility, explain your emails’ clear purpose, and spark interest in customers for receiving them. 

  • Create Valuable and Informative Content

Fillers will never get you anywhere. You must set expectations around which your marketing strategy will revolve. You can be sure of success in your campaign if you build a powerful call-to-action and stay consistent with good follow-up content. 

For consistency, you need to be at the top of your game. You cannot expect customers to be happy if you promised only one email/a week but flood their inbox daily. On the contrary, if customers want product updates daily and don’t deliver them, that is also bad. 

For this very purpose, you must pay extra attention to your follow-up email. It would be best if you did not fail to take advantage of the autoresponder sequence that most service providers offer. 

5. Choose a Service Provider

After you have defined your exact goals and your target audience, it is time to choose a service provider. We do not recommend sending emails from Gmail accounts or Outlook. It is best to find a medium where you can build an emailing list and segment people. 

Some reputable service providers include:

You can choose from several more options, depending on your preference and budget.

6. Pick the Right Time for Pitching Products

The primary purpose of your marketing campaign is to drive sales by engaging customers. Of course, manners demand that you engage them with an interactive and informative email list first. But then, when do you make the transition to sales pitching without offending or annoying the potential customers?

Making the switch is tricky, so it is best to plan the time. Customers will love you more if you pitch sales every once in a while but not pester them repeatedly. You must ask yourself how well you have lived up to the expectations you set with your customers.

Do you think they will be receptive and eager to receive offers from you? If you are confident they will be, then go through the interests they showed you and started sending similar offers. 

7. Segmentation and Analytics

Once you understand the dynamics of email marketing, you must then focus on analytics and also segmentation. These will help you refine your broadcast and improve the quality of your results. 

If you don’t know whether or not to start with email marketing yet, check this out to know a step by step guide into marketing your startup business.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the most successful and budget-friendly means of advertising and pitching sales even today. It can beat social media’s effectiveness in several ways, but you need to have a brilliant strategy in Place.

With a little effort and a lot of organization and planning, you will soon reap the great rewards of this marketing campaign.

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