Facebook Ads Policies: Do’s & Don’ts for your Landing page

Facebook Ads Policies are so tight and their automation is getting painful every day more than the last, however you can learn the best practices to run your ads safely without restrictions.

Landing Pages Related Facebook Ads Policies

Do’s in Facebook Ads Policies:

  • The landing page from a Facebook ad must also function in all web browsers
  • Must use a landing page that functions in all web browsers and can’t lead people to a site that’s under construction.
  • You Can’t redirect people to the Facebook homepage.
  • Present content in a clear way that’s easy to navigate.
  • Ensure the content on your landing page is relevant to your ad, for instance, directing people to irrelevant content or an unexpected landing page can create a confusing and negative experience which means your ad will be disapproved.
  • Clearly connect the branding in your ad with that of your landing page.
  • You can use a Facebook page as your ad’s landing page, such as your business Page or a Group.

Don’ts in Facebook Ads Policies:

  • Can’t direct people to the Facebook homepage (www.facebook.com) or lead people to a site that’s under construction.
  • Direct ads to landing pages with minimal original content such as low-quality content or content that is difficult to access.
  • Distract from your landing page’s original content with excessive embedded or pop up ads.
  • Bait people into clicking on ads by using overly cropped ad images or shocking or sexual ad copy.
  • Attempting to monetize your Facebook ad views. For example, Facebook ads shouldn’t link to a destination page that requires people to click through other ads in order to access the site’s content.
  • Use low-quality images or violent or pornographic ad photos.
  • Ads can’t assert or imply, directly or indirectly, that you know a person’s personal characteristics.
  • Facebook Ads can’t use vulgar, profane or insulting language.
  • Ads can’t contain false, fraudulent, or misleading claims or content.

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