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Facebook Ads Policies: Do’s & Don’ts for your Landing page

Facebook Ads Policies are so tight and their automation is getting painful every day more than the last, however you can learn the best practices to run your ads safely without restrictions. Do’s in Facebook Ads Policies: The landing page from a Facebook ad must also function in all web browsers Must use a landing…

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Reasons Why You Should Hire a GREAT Localization Expert

If you put “bookmarks” in Google Translate  it will give you “الإشارات التعريفية” which literally reads in English “marking signs”, while the right translation is “صفحاتك المفضلة”. and that what is “chrome” using in his Arabic browser. When it comes to expanding your business to another market, a localization expert’s opinion goes a long way….

10 Things you must decide before starting your own business
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10 Things you must decide before starting your own business

Starting your own business it is challenging. There are a lot of nitty-gritty pieces of information you need to know before you start selling online. Considering that the online eCommerce industry has increased over the past decade, starting with a bang is essential. Based on Statista, 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online in…