How to Optimise Landing Pages?
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How to Optimise Landing Pages?

How to Optimise Landing Pages? Before doing any ads or launch any campaigns, businesses should create an optimized landing page for their new product or service they want to promote. Key Components of a landing page: 1. Clean-from-menu Page Once visitors land on your page, you don’t want them to leave until they hand over…

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[Full Guide] How to utilize Google ads for your business

It is a no-brainer to google anything you want and to search when you want to buy anything before buying it, checking a few service providers, compare prices before finally making the decision to buy; especially for high-end valued items & expensive services. With over 259 million unique visitors and almost 6 billion daily searches…


Facebook Ads Policies: Do’s & Don’ts for your Landing page

Facebook Ads Policies are so tight and their automation is getting painful every day more than the last, however you can learn the best practices to run your ads safely without restrictions. Do’s in Facebook Ads Policies: The landing page from a Facebook ad must also function in all web browsers Must use a landing…