Zoom VS Microsoft Teams: Pros & Cons
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Zoom VS Microsoft Teams: Pros & Cons

almost 70% of companies converted their meetings to virtual online meetings because of COVID19, one of the most questions for project managers was: Which tool to use? What are pros and cons of Zoom VS Microsoft Teams? So many virtual meetings tools were discovered lately, some of which are: Microsoft Teams, as well as Zoom….

Pro Tips to Cheap Website Hosting Services
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Pro Tips to Cheap Website Hosting Services

Cheap Website Hosting Services are out there, you just need to look for the right one for you.  Owning a website provides you complete control over your content. Aside from that, your customers or visitors have a seamless experience interacting with your services and products.  Here’s a list of the most affordable web hosting services…

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10 Key Strategies to Keep Your SaaS Customers Engaged

One of the excellent ways to boost your sales is customer engagement. But what if you own a Software as a Service type of company? Here’s the thing: Whether you own a retail store, an e-commerce business, or a SaaS company, customer engagement will remain vital. For one, your clients serve as your income stream….

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SAAS Case study: Clockify

Clockify is the only time monitoring app on the market that is free. It’s so easy to use that you and your team can keep track of work time with just a single click. Clockify revolves entirely around time entries. You keep track of the time you spend working on things and use reports to…