Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing Strategy for your store, application or organization.


Digital Marketing Strategy

If you have your in-house team and you’re looking for the strategy to follow, you are in the right place!

What the Digital Marketing Strategy contains?

  • Plan and Identify Customer Personas
  • Conduct The Digital Sales Funnel
  • Set SMART Business Objectives
  • Choose Mediums of Marketing Channel
  • Set measurables KPIs and Goal Completion Metrics
  • Competition Analysis Report
  • Benchmark List
  • Website, SEO, Ads, Social, Email Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Define The Positioning
  • Tracking Result
  • Plan for an Action Plan

Why Digital Marketing Strategy is Important?

  • It Gives you a roadmap for the next year or so, you don’t have to walk blind
  • It informs you with the customer behaviour and market activity
  • Define the various channels to work with to enhance awareness for your brand
  • It will curate how our channel leads & sales targets
  • It Determines The Budgets for Acquisition, Conversion, Retention & Growth, Service


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