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  • Sale! Business plan ready to use template

    Business Plan Template Ready to Be Filled


    Ready to use business plan. If you have all the information required for your business or your client’s product, grab this template to help you prepare a comprehensive business plan so you can apply for fund or loans. Business Plan Template – What will you find inside? 15 pages of detailed points that explain all…

  • Sale! Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet xlxs + docx files

    Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet xlxs + docx files


    Digital Marketing Planning & Reporting Template Spreadsheet: Design & plan for your digital marketing campaigns.

    Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet Folder Content:

    • Digital Marketing Strategy & Action Plan Word File that you can apply to any business.
    • Google ads planning & reporting template Excel File which you can get for FREE here.
    • Social Media Strategy Power Point Template.
    • Social Media Content Calendar Template.
    • Blog Content Template Excel File.


  • Sale! Pllaning & Reporting Template

    Google Ads Planning & Reporting Template Excel File


    Get Google Ads Planning & Reporting Template Excel File [UPDATED].

    Google Ads Planning & Reporting Template: Design & plan for your google ads campaign and report weekly/monthly reports.

    Understand how to create google ads campaigns.

    Google ads UPDATE:

    Google ads just announced that there will be only responsive ads technique used in the campaigns and no more of regular text ads, so please note that instead of 3 ads per ad group, you can only run 1 responsive ad which contains 15 headlines and 4 descriptions combinations.

  • Sale! tests for digital marketer candidates

    Pre-Hiring Test for Senior Digital Marketer


    Screening / Pre-Hiring Test-Senior Digital Marketer, for HR managers and digital marketing managers to be able to shortlist candidates.

    • Google ads Quiz
    • Facebook Quiz
    • Analytics Quiz
    • General Quiz

    Test your candidates and shortlist applicants easily using measured methods!